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Pricing Philosophy
You can decide for yourself how reasonable our rates are, by comparing our rates with similar proofreading and editing services available in the market.

essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services aims to help students who have problems with writing in English. Many students these days take the easy route of buying their assignments, paying someone to write their thesis or dissertation. Instead, how about getting help with improving what you wrote (have someone proofread and edit your work)? This would not only cost much less but also avoid getting punished for plagiarism. Hence, essayRight. We can proofread and edit your work, make it as error-free as possible, may it be a business document, term paper, a personal statement, a dissertation, a doctoral thesis or a journal paper.  You write and we improve it.

Why are our rates cheaper? To us, getting our name out there is more important than charging unaffordable editing fees. Considering that a majority of our clientele are university students, frequently facing financial burdens in the form of financial aid or living frugally on student assistantships, we do not want to burden them further with heavy editing costs. However, if students want their thesis or dissertation or journal submission to get accepted, they need to make sure they are written well, grammatically as well as structurally. This means they need professional editorial help. 

​Just like accountants or mechanics and teachers, editors are also professionals. There is an unrealistic belief that professional editing should only be a couple of hundred dollars. However, neither should it be hundreds of dollars. Both are unreasonable. 

Hence, we, at essayRight, charge what is affordable, while at the same time we do not want to undersell our time and effort

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essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
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Authors invariably are blind to their own work. So they need an extra pair of eyes. At essayRight, every submission goes through two professional editors.