Business Services
essayRight is happy to edit all kinds of business writing. These include the following and more. 
News letters
​Business letters (employment opportunity letters, termination letters, job offer letters, sales letters, complaint letters, appeals etc.)
Advertising materials
Press releases
Brochures and articles

Company profiles
Business plans
Company manuals
Policies & Procedures documents

Personal statements
Appraisal reports
Job applications
Reference letters

If you need help with editing and rewriting your business plans, presentations, reports, submissions, advertising materials, sales letters, complaint letters, appeals, articles, emails, newsletters, employee communications, company profiles, manuals, policy and procedure documents, let our editors at essayRight help. Let  us do the cleaning up work for you! We can make your documents read much better grammatically, stylistically and structurally. 

Items checked

Correct tense, prepositions, articles, word choice, word form, word order, transitional devices, sentence structure, run-on sentences, punctuation. spelling, capitalization

Rewrite faulty sentences (phrases and clauses)

Cut down on repetition

Highlight incomplete sentences

Comment/advice on areas that need attention in terms of rearranging essay structure (concise and precise)

Writing style
Comment on business language used

Comment on business objectives(whether clear)

Comment on writing tone and style

Suggest sites which can help with your writing problems
What do our editors focus on?
Our editors work very hard and make sure that the final edited version is in line with International standards. For more information visit our web page on "Service Quality".
Your success is our success
essayRight Proofreading & Editing Services

essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
Other  Services

Compositions A-B
Compositions A-B