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essayRight Proofreading & Editing Services 
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Pricing:                     Business

Our editors are experienced, thorough and critical thinkers. They not only correct your grammar but when necessary give advise on appropriacy of structure and content value. 

Our charges depend on the word count of the document and the turnaround time.  

Please also note that we have a minimum charge of USD 45.00 and the minimum turnaround time is 48 hours if our customer is located outside the United States. Please note that we are on US Central Time and hence the constraint on turnaround time.
Word count            Turnaround  Time                    Charges

Upto 2500                    24 hours                                    word count/ 250 X USD 9.50 (only for customers in the US)

Upto 3,750                   48 hours                                    word count/ 250 X USD 9.25 (within the US or anywhere outside)

3750 and above          2-7 days (depending               word count/ 250 X USD 9.00 (within the US or anywhere outside) 
                                        on the length of the document)
News letters
​Business letters (employment Opportunity letters, termination letters, Job offer letters, sales letters, complaint letters, appeals etc.)
Web content
Advertising materials
Press releases
Brochures and articles

Business reports
Company profiles
Business plans
Company manuals
Policies & Procedures documents
Business agreements

Personal statements
Appraisal reports
Job applications
Reference letters
​Partnership agreements

​                       Security and Confidentiality

You can be assured that the documents you send us are safe and secure. We understand that whatever information you send us is sensitive in nature and therefore it is important that we maintain the utmost level of confidentiality. Like with academic documents, your documents are saved in individual folders. All the folders are named and password protected. They are all organized in such a way that they can be easily identified and accessed. 

You can request for your edited document at any time within three years of receiving your edited version.​

Examples of Business Documents
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essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
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Authors invariably are blind to their own work. So they need an extra pair of eyes. At essayRight, every submission goes through two professional editors.
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We will edit your email to help with grammar and make sure that it is structured well and has a smooth flow.

Price: US$ 50 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 1750)
       Reference/recommendation letter
We will edit your reference/recommendation letter in terms of grammar and format and comment/advice if it lacks a personal touch due to lack of information that relays your observations of the candidate's traits, abilities and achievements.
​Price: US $ 65 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 2000)
    Job Application cover letter
We will edit your cover letter to make it more compelling, more personal, focusing more on your strengths and weaknesses, more truthful, more succinct without exaggeration -- all in an organized manner.
Price: US$ 65 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 2000)
     Press Release
We will edit the content to improve the over-all readability, make sure that you use strategic words to make the content interesting and to the point.

Price US$ 65 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 2000)
     Power Point Presentation (placing an ad)
We will edit your presentation to eliminate all grammar errors and make sure it crisp and concise and not too wordy.

Price: US$ 65 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 1750)
Individual services to meet your specific editing needs 
For the following, our charges are based on the effort we put into making your writing read well. However, additional charges apply when your document exceeds 1000 words.
Compositions A-B