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Is good English an important factor in publishing academic papers?
English has become the language of choice in many countries where great emphasis is placed on publishing in national and international journals(1). With increasing globalization, this trend is on the rise. Little wonder that most academics and scholars striving for international recognition today aspire to publish their articles in English(2). However, for many of them, poor English is one factor that puts them at a disadvantage(3)

“Clarity in writing reflects on clarity in thought”(4). Further, first impressions are always crucial. Readers can only grasp the full message or impact of your work when the language is clear and proper. From this perspective, too often, the issue of first language—whether it is English or otherwise—turns out to be of practical relevance. Therefore, it is imperative that authors make sure that their manuscripts go through professional editing before submission. Otherwise, authors should be prepared to face delays in the publication (or even outright rejection) of their papers. Remember that top journals reject many of the papers submitted to them before they even reach the peer-review stage. 

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