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To place your order or request a quote, please fill in the form. When we receive your document, we will send you a quote in the form of PayPal invoice. If you agree to the charges, please make the payment via PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, it is simple and easy to get one and is free. You can use the link https://www.paypal.com/home and follow the instructions to open an account) and we will start editing as soon as the payment is made. If you do not agree to the charges, please write to us about your decision to admin@essayright.com. If you have a problem using the form, please send your document as an attachment to admin@essayright.com.

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essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
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Authors invariably are blind to their own work. So they need an extra pair of eyes. At essayRight, every submission goes through two professional editors.
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How to make your payment using PayPal

1. You will receive an email from essayRight. Open the mail and you will see the PayPal invoice.
2. Click on 'View and Pay invoice.' You will see invoice details.
3. On the top left hand corner, you will see Pay and the amount of your editing charges. 
4. Click on the Pay button. It will take to your PayPal account. Log in with your PayPal ID and password. (You require a PayPal account before you can pay via PayPal. If you don't already have an account, it is easy to get one and is free. Refer to https://www.paypal.com/home to open an account
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