MA in Teaching English as a Second Language: City University of Hong Kong.
Post Graduate Certificate in Education: University of Hong Kong.
Bachelor of Science: Osmania University, India.
Lecturer/Senior Tutor: City University of Hong Kong
Taught Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening courses to undergraduate students;
Led the Reading and Writing course teams,
Developed teaching materials for Reading, Writing, Academic skills, and Listening courses; 
​Initiated, developed and coordinated a writing course for Management students under the banner of English Support Scheme for Management Students..
Online Marker of English: City University of Hong Kong
Marked student term papers;
Proofread and marked undergraduate student term papers;
Graded students' Pre- IELT (writing section) test papers and gave feedback on their structural, organizational and grammar problems both written and oral (audio-recorded). Proofreader and Editor: City University of Hong Kong
Proofread a 240 page Business Administration doctoral thesis. The work included correcting grammar, correcting paragraph structure, identifying and deleting information which is irrelevant or repetitious, highlighting areas which are erroneous in terms of research conventions, suggesting ways to make the writing more academic in terms of vocabulary and sentence structure.
Proofread and corrected a Masters student grammar assignment.
Proofread and corrected a Masters student assignment on How to Design a Lesson Plan.

Johanna Klassen, Champa Detaramani, Eva Lui, Mrudula Patri and Jenny Wu. Does Self-Access Language Learning at Tertiary Level Really Work? Asian Journal of English Language Teaching. 1998. Vol. 8. pp. 55-80.
Full article at:
Johanna Klassen, Champa Detaramani, Eva Lui, Mrudula Patri, and Jenny Wu. Evaluating the English Foundation Programme in the Self-Access Mode at City University. 
Full article at:
Johanna Klassen, Jenny Wu, Champa Detaramani, Eva Lui, and Mrudula Patri Restructuring the English Foundation Programme for PT students at CityU.
Conference paper. Action Learning Project. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
The Influence of Peer Feedback on Self- and Peer-assessment of Oral Skills. Language Testing. 2002. Vol. 19. No. 2. pp 109-131. 
Full article at:
Mrudula Patri. The Influence of Peer Feedback on Self- and Peer-assessment of Oral skills. Language Testing. Vol. 19. No. 2. pp. 109, 111, 125-126.
Mrudula Patri, Martha Pennington. Acculturation to English by an Ethnic Minority: The Language Attitudes of Indian Adolescents in a Hong Kong International School. In Language in Hong Kong at Century’s End. 1998. pp. 339-362. Hong Kong University Press.  
Full article at:      Abstract
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