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 essayRight's advice to customers
Before you submit your essay to essayRight for editing, please remember a few things.

1. Make sure you submit the final draft to essayRight.
2. Do not add content to the draft that we had already edited, before submitting to your supervisor/ the review panel/ journal editor.

This is because:
It is possible that, when you add new content after we complete editing, the revised draft might contain grammar errors in the sections you added later. This will not only be a waste of our time and effort but also a waste of your money!

However, your supervisor/ review panel/journal editor might want you to make changes. If, after making changes, you want another round of editing, we offer 15% discount on the second round of editing.

Sometimes, especially in the case of PhD or Master's theses, you do not submit the entire thesis in one go, but a couple of chapters at a time. In such a case:
3. Be aware that continuity and consistency between chapters can get affected

This is because, while editing, essayRight editors make sure there is consistency throughout.  However, chapters edited at different times and combined later may result in wrong grammar in terms of tenses and connectives.


If any of the above happens (1, 2 or 3), essayRight cannot take responsibility for the presence of grammar errors in the final version you submit to the journal editor/supervisor. We work hard to ensure zero defects. Thus, in order to maintain our reputation, we request you NOT TO ADD text to the draft we edited, before submitting it to your supervisor/journal editor/review panel. If you choose to make changes after our editing, forward the changes to us before making the final submission. You do not want your thesis or journal paper rejected due to language errors.

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essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
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Authors invariably are blind to their own work. So they need an extra pair of eyes. At essayRight, every submission goes through two professional editors.
Submission document formats accepted by essayRight

essayRight accepts both word files as well as PDF files. However, we prefer word files for the following reasons:

Word files
1. Easy to edit
2. Track changing feature is available. You will be able to see the changes we made. All changes are highlighted in RED.
2. Easy for you to know where you went wrong.
3. Helps you to learn from your mistakes in English grammar.
4. Helps us give comments/advice at the end of editing as we can go back and look at the highlighted errors.

PDF files
We can edit a pdf file, but with a pdf file:
1. No track changing feature is available. You will not be able to see the changes we made. 
2. You will not be able to know where you went wrong.
3. You may continue to make the same mistakes again and again in English grammar.
While editing:
4. Formatting gets disturbed, especially if the document contains equations.
5. Word spacing and line spacing gets disturbed.
6. We will not be able to give comments/advice at the end of editing as no changes made are visible.
In effect, by submitting a pdf file, you will have more work fixing the formatting of the edited document. You will have to laboriously fix word spacing, line spacing and others.
It is possible to convert pdf to word file. There are several software programs available online to enable us do this. However, none of them convert without distorting the document contents, especially those that include equations or figures. So if you want to avoid spending time on fixing the distortions, please send us a word file.
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