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Here are some FAQs. Place mouse over the question of interest to obtain its answer. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, send us your question using the Contact Form or send email to [email protected].
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Privacy & Security
Apart from grammar and vocabulary, do you also make changes to the content and make comments on the content?
essayRight Proofreading & Editing Services 
Your success is 
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We edit all kinds of academic and business documents. Refer to our page on services
NO we don't write your paper but we edit it.
No we don't make changes to your content, but we make changes to your sentence structures to make them more idiomatic and less odd sounding
Providing a service contract is not a part of our policy but in cases where your company or university requires, we will provide a service contract.
If you do not agree to the charges, let us know your concern by writing to us on [email protected] and we will cancel your order.
Ordering Process
You can use the 'Place your order ' form or if there is a problem with uploading your document, email to [email protected]
You will see a message saying 'Thank You for Your Submission' and you will also receive an email from adminessayright giving you detailed calculation of charges
Yes you can upload  a maximum of 3 attachments at one time.
We are on US Central time. SO, depends on which part of the world you are submitting the request from. We try our best to respond within 12 hours.
Return time
Charges are calculated on the basis of word count. word count/250 X 7.25
Yes, our minimum charge is USD 22.75
Yes we offer a special student discount for all PhD and Masters theses. Please refer to our page on Pricing for details.
Edited document
Privacy & Security
On your MS word document, enable Track Changesto view the corrections (in red). Refer to our Pricing page if you need assistance .
Yes you need to pay again. However, this time we give a 15% discount on the calculated charges,
Yes, all your documents, edited and submitted, will be saved in a password protected folder. 
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How do I contact you if I have questions about you service, payment, charges or any other?
Return time
Depends on the length of the document. As an example, a word length of 17,000 will take around 5-7 working days. This depends on the amount of editing work required
90% of the times we do, unless we have many orders on hand.
Do you charge extra for rush deliveries?
What methods of payment do you accept?
Do you require a deposit?
When do I pay you? Is it before or after you finish editing?
What if I do not agree to the charges?
What kind of documents do you edit?
Can you write my term paper for me?
Apart from grammar and vocabulary, do you also make changes to the content and make comments on the content?
How do I know what changes you made to the document?
How do I submit my document?
How do i know that you received my attachment?
Can I send more than one document at a time?
Is there an official service contract that we need to sign?
How quickly can you edit my document?
Do you accept rush deliveries?
How are your charges calculated?
Do you have a minimum charge?

Do you offer discounts of any kind?
We use PayPal for payment. If there is a problem with PayPal payment contact us through [email protected]
No, we do no charge extra for rush deliveries
No we don't, but we require a full payment before we can start editing.
Before. You will be receiving a PaPal invoice from us and you make the payment via PayPal. That confirms your editing order and we will start editing. 
Do you provide a payment receipt?
Suppose I made changes to the edited document and want you to edit again, do I need to pay again?
Yes we do. We mail you the receipt as an email attachment. If you require a hard copy for reimbursement or any other purpose, let us know and we will send you on surface mail. However, please note that we are located in the US and it might take longer if you are located outside the US.  
How quickly does essayRight respond to my editing request?
You can contact us through the Contact Us form or write to us directly on [email protected]
Can you guarantee that our documents are secure?
[email protected]
essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
Authors invariably are blind to their own work. So they need an extra pair of eyes. At essayRight, every submission goes through two professional editors.
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