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essayRight Proofreading & Editing Services 
Important Information
Correct tense, prepositions, articles, word choice, word form, word order, transitional devices, sentence structure, run-on sentences, punctuation, spelling, capitalization
Editing Details
At a word level
At a sentence level
- Highlight incomplete sentences;
- Comment/advice when writing includes sweeping statements (when applicable);  
- Rewrite sentences when necessary (phrases and clauses)​

Structure and Organization
- Cut down on repetition;
- Comment/advice when essay structure needs changes
- Edit for style, clarity and legibility  
Additional help
Suggest sites that can help with your writing problems
(see also our web page on 'Dos and Don'ts of Academic Writing')

We do not reformat documents because of problems arising from differences in format settings for different computers. However, we may adjust broad settings. We do not repaginate as this might change when you download the edited version on to your computer. We revise the TOC (Table of Contents) only when we need to edit section headings. This does not include revising the page numbers.  We do not offer typesetting or layout editing services. We adjust font variations ONLY when they are strikingly in need of correction.
Reference List

If your submission includes reference list and you DO NOT instruct us to exclude the references from editing, we automatically assume that you want us to check the reference list as well.  In such a case, we check the references to ensure consistency in using periods, commas, capitalization, format etc. However, if you like us to check if the reference list conforms to the Journal guidelines, you will have to provide us the journal author guidelines.
Our Editors 

All our editors are graduates with experience in TESL. They have so far edited more than 700 articles. These include both academic as well as business documents. Academic documents covered a full range of disciplines and sub-disciplines. For a comprehensive list please see our web page on 'Academic Disciplines we Covered' 

Our editors work hard to make sure that the final edited version meets International standards. For more information visit our page on 'Service Quality'.  For feedback on our editing please visit 'Client Feedback'.
Security and Confidentiality

We understand how important it is for us to keep the information in your documents secure and confidential due to the sensitivity of the information included. Like with the academic documents we receive, we keep all our business docments highly secure and confidential. Each of our client material is saved in individual folders, with a private password where only the editor and the chief management is able to open.

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essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
Authors invariably are blind to their own work. So they need an extra pair of eyes. At essayRight, every submission goes through two professional editors.
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