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Please also note that we have a minimum charge of USD 22.50 for proofreading and editing. This would mean that any order which is 750 words or less will be charged USD 22.50

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Pricing:                     Academic              

Our editors work very hard and make sure that the final edited version is in line with International standards. For more information, visit our web page on "Service Quality".

Our charges DO NOT vary based on our clients' education level or employment status. They DO NOT depend on the turnaround time either.
Whether the return time is 24 hours or 3 days or one week, we charge the same. The only criteria we use is the number of words. Our charges are fixed. We charge USD 8.00 for every 250 words.

Please also note that we have a minimum charge of USD 45.00. 
Also note that the return time depends on the length and amount of editing needed. However, as an example, a word length of 5000 will take about 3 days and a word length of 17000 will take 5-7 days.
How to view the edited version of your document

To view the document with track changes visible

Click the Review button on the main menu (see arrow) ----> You can see Track changes are ON (see oval) -----> Under tracking, click Final Showing Marking (see rectangle)
Click the Review button on the main menu (see arrow) ----> Under tracking, click Accept (see circle) ---> Now either click Accept all changes (see oval) to accept all changes in one go OR click Accept and Move to Next (rectangle) to accept changes one by one.
Click the Review button on the main menu (see arrow) ----> Under tracking, in the drop down menu, click Final (see oval)
To view what the final edited version looks like
Special Student Discount for PhD Theses and Master's Dissertations (Revised in June,  2021) 

All PhD theses and Master's dissertations will be offered a discount on the final price.

Charges for all submissions with a word count up to 17,000 = 8% discount on the final price

Charges for all submissions with a word count above 17001 = 12% discount on the final price

Why are our rates cheaper? To us, getting our name out there is more important than charging unaffordable editing fees.  
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essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
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Authors invariably are blind to their own work. So they need an extra pair of eyes. At essayRight, every submission goes through two professional editors.
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       Cover letter
We will edit your cover letter to help with grammar and to ensure that the key points are conveyed clearly to support your submission as fully as possible.

Price: US$ 55 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 1750)
       Reference/recommendation letter
We will edit your reference/recommendation letter in terms of grammar and format and comment/advice if it lacks a personal touch due to lack of information that relays your observations of the candidate's traits, abilities and achievements.
Price: US $ 65 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 2000)
 College admission Essay/Personal statement
We will edit your essay to make it more compelling, more personal, focusing more on your strengths and weaknesses, more truthful, more succinct without exaggeration -- all in an organized manner.

Price: US$ 65 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 2000)
We will edit your essay to improve the over-all readability, ensure that you demonstrate your worth, make sure that you use strategic words to demonstrate your management and organizational skills.
Price US$ 70 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 2000)
     Research review report
We will edit your report to eliminate all grammar errors and make sure it flows smoothly in terms of structure and logic of your reasoning.

Price: US$ 60 (charges increase when word count goes beyond 1750)
Individual services to meet your specific editing needs 
For the following, our charges are based on the effort we put into making your writing read well. However, additional charges apply when your document exceeds 1000 words.
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