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What can essayRight do for you?

essayRight will:

 -  focus on the grammar and organization in your students'  writing assignment;
 -  award a mark based on essayRight's grading rubrics or the one you provide; and
 -  give written feedback.

When your students know that they will be graded for their English as well, 
they will be motivated to improve their English writing skills.

How can teachers and students benefit from our marking service?

Teachers can focus on content without getting distracted by errors in language. This would probably speed up the grading process. Teachers' grades would then truly reflect students' ability to understand and process the subject matter.

Feedback from essayRight will hopefully help students understand their weaknesses in writing. Hopefully, this can help them to write better English and achieve better grades on their future assignments.

Do you feel drained, frustrated and lose focus trying to understand what your students are saying?

Is your students' grammar and organization in writing affecting your judgment in terms of content as well? Does this make it hard for you to distinguish between a B and C or a C and D paper? 

Do the above affect the consistency in your grading? 

Do you wish your students could write better English?

   If the answer is YES to one or all the above, contact essayRight.
1. Upload your students' work. (click here for Place the Order form)
2. Upload a copy of the grading rubrics/marking scheme (if it is different from essayRight's grading rubrics). 

To view our grading rubrics, please click here

Pricing (minimum charge per order = USD 40.00)

Charges per script = Word count/250 X n (if using essayRight rubrics, n = USD 2.00)

If using your grading rubrics, 'n' will depend how complex your grading rubrics is. For instance, number of aspects to pay attention to in the grading rubrics (if it is different from that provided by essayRight).

Minimum turnaround time = 48 hours for 10 scripts of around 500 words each.

(To get a quote, please write to [email protected]

essayRight Proofreading & Editing Services 
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essayRight Proofreading and Editing Services
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